It was 4:30 in the morning, and things like that always happen in 4:30 in the morning. It was one of the many nights that she felt like an alien in her body because somewhere beneath her skin, the only home she knew was him. At nights, she would get tired of the mask she’s... Continue Reading →

Passionate People

I'm interested in sunsets and road trips and people who don't settle for the ordinary and those who believe in myths and magic I'm interested in the ocean not the shore and late-night phone calls discussing life and death and everything in between I'm interested in conversations that discuss the characters in books in such a... Continue Reading →

Mirror, Mirror

On top of the hill where greens howl in twilight You lay where fields of purple are in sight   Crickets sing from afar But there is silence in your head and dewdrops in your heart   You are An island harshly separated Falling into an abyss, head down mirrors flicker and your name echoes eternally  ... Continue Reading →

The Axis

Your words echoed in my head You said you were going to find me I did not hear your words Yet your silhouette sinked in my head And seeped inside my blood     You said I'd recognize you when I see you And I'd hear you whisper inside my head when it's crowded You'd call... Continue Reading →

Adding New Colors to the Rainbow

He was seated on a radiating star, swinging his feet, examining the distant microscopic Earth. Adish thought of all the remorseful days he spent chasing what was never meant to be his, prolonging quarrels that could have easily been resolved with a compromise. He only wished he had seen through his colleagues; the insecurities behind... Continue Reading →

Harmonized Conflict

With the harmony of his whispers and her heart beats, they composed a symphony Combine the sun and the moon, add the twinkling stars and let them swim in that explosion. It is her beauty that forced music into the deaf's ears, and sun light into the blinded. Her eyes have released his sealed lips,... Continue Reading →

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