Flaming Monsters

Pull yourself together Do not break down You know you are far stronger than the monsters in your head   Direct your feelings to what is really worthy And believe in the power of letting go   Look at the sky it mourns for the dead by shining brighter and rebirthing   Feel the moon... Continue Reading →

A Single Sun

The thick line between dreams and reality starts to disappear.Slowly, gradually.You’d think you’re losing your mind, and that it’s catastrophic. But you still can’t analyze how your perspective changed. Now everyone notices how you read people more clearly. You wouldn’t understand how he’d start appearing like a sun, in a world that knows but a... Continue Reading →


Let me fracture this ground or plant it with peonies I am still not sure Whether I want to walk gracefully or crawl on my knees   Let me find stardust in my confusing collision or please walk away   I’m seeking my dazed identity as I stand on the edge of the world to... Continue Reading →


It’s 3 A.M and the sound of heavy rain cracking his window half-open wakes him up while his phone is loudly ringing. He picks up as thunder breaks the fragile clouds to pieces, and so they weep rain. There’s heavy breathing on the other end And he’s half-asleep. It takes him a while until he... Continue Reading →


He sat on his vast porch, looking elegant as the man he has always been. He’d wear his navy blue hat and tuxedo in the most inappropriate places, this is why his face was distinguished among people. He always seemed like he’s going to meet his lover in his beautifully black fabric that would softly... Continue Reading →

Stars in Vienna

They say that Vienna's sky is brighter at night Because the daily birth and death of stars are seen only in its hours of darkness I know that this is why you contain them in your arms Because only you loved the stars enough to see glory in their explosions and births   She saw... Continue Reading →

She Drew a Moon

Wandering around on a mission; A journey of questions that had no answers I was afraid of the circle that had no center but only an unfixed circumference As Earth orbited around its axis It played havoc With the rhythm of my heart   So I decided to frost ...   There were two black... Continue Reading →


On the edge of a cliff Reaching out, desperately Walking on air, delicately Aiming for the moon   Between my arms I embraced it And possessed its light   © 2013 ALIA SULTAN      

Dawn to Dusk

Here we are Electrical atmosphere Heartbeats; pounding loud Body to body I feel his every breath Invading the cells of my body     Under a brightly starry sky, we are I am diving a hundred miles beneath Exploring the darkest ocean But only in him I drown   We spark under the sea waves... Continue Reading →

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