Time and No-Time

Time is endless in thy hands, my lord. There is none to count thy minutes. Days and nights pass and ages bloom and fade like flowers. Thou knowest how to wait. Thy centuries follow each other perfecting a small wildflower. We have no time to lose, and having no time we must scramble for our... Continue Reading →


On the edge of a cliff Reaching out, desperately Walking on air, delicately Aiming for the moon   Between my arms I embraced it And possessed its light   © 2013 ALIA SULTAN      


“We are unraveling our navels so that we may ingest the sun. We are not afraid of the darkness. We trust that the moon shall guide us. We are determining the future at this very moment. We know that the heart is the philosopher’s stone. Our music is our alchemy.” —Saul Williams


What are you saying ?I cannot hear you over the loud ticking of the clock There are magical minutes that are quick to vanish into thin airThey allow your words to be heardAnd open the gates of the stubborn heartsBe wise, conquer them with a swordAnd fight the vicious minutes that trap your voiceBe quick with timingBe... Continue Reading →

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