2 AM

My phone clutched in my hand Desperate whispers Prisoned tears Rise and fall of breaths Trapped inside my chest   There's only silence on the other end And my reflection in the mirror I feel more beautiful than ever   There's silence on the other end Phone unplugged The only whispers I hear are mine... Continue Reading →


It’s 3 A.M and the sound of heavy rain cracking his window half-open wakes him up while his phone is loudly ringing. He picks up as thunder breaks the fragile clouds to pieces, and so they weep rain. There’s heavy breathing on the other end And he’s half-asleep. It takes him a while until he... Continue Reading →


He sat on his vast porch, looking elegant as the man he has always been. He’d wear his navy blue hat and tuxedo in the most inappropriate places, this is why his face was distinguished among people. He always seemed like he’s going to meet his lover in his beautifully black fabric that would softly... Continue Reading →

She Drew a Moon

Wandering around on a mission; A journey of questions that had no answers I was afraid of the circle that had no center but only an unfixed circumference As Earth orbited around its axis It played havoc With the rhythm of my heart   So I decided to frost ...   There were two black... Continue Reading →

A Little Lively Girl

I had a strange dream last night about an old man wearing a top hat whose question was repeated and echoed in my head; do you know who you are? Here is what I told him, with uncertain eyes: There is a little girl inside, you can never even imagine how factual her existence is.... Continue Reading →

I Tamed

It was a drizzly twilight, in a forest where the only thing that looked like skyscrapers were the magnanimous trees. It was far, and beyond those who are not familiar with the treasures that hide in the present. There was a hill that seemed to me like it carried the wisdom of an old man.... Continue Reading →

Outside Time

Everything, absolutely everything in this world ceases. We, the atoms that are contained in our flesh and blood, and all our bodily being will one day vanish into thin air. Our ashes will dissolve into Earth, and will soon be a vast nothingness. Everything fades, except through a window of that spot on our sphere.... Continue Reading →

The Art of Being Selfish

"The heart that chose to embrace him can exile him", she said while she was explaining her view on love with her colleague who refuses to write the epilogue of the endless book where she goes on and on about how her insensitive husband left her. She elaborated on that, saying that there is so... Continue Reading →

The Golden Second #2

"You have to take risks, he said. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen. Every day, God gives us the sun--and also one moment in which we have the ability to change everything that makes us unhappy. Every day, we try to pretend that we haven't... Continue Reading →

Craters on the Moon

It was finally the weekend, he and his friends planned a night out. They were all senior students, they needed that kind of break. They had dinner in a humble restaurant and decided to walk back home since it was a radiant, full-moon night. Khalil’s house was the farthest of them all, so he ended... Continue Reading →


"With every loss there is a gain", he clearly understood that. And that is why the rain felt ethereal on his skin, and the breeze played orchestra within his blood cells as it pleasantly left an electric sense brushing his long hair backwards. And whenever he smiled; it rippled his blood with joy. The entire... Continue Reading →

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