He's in his grave it's Peaceful and silent It's not as scary as theyTold him it would beHe's 77 and he Wonders if her soul is what's making the starsshine as he sheds his tearsHe's 60 and he's Right there beside herGazing into her beautiful Face which seems unmovedBy time to him, she wakes up... Continue Reading →

Black and White

What is hidden in the wild, leaving traces of it on the highest mountain peaks where we cannot reach, and hints of it in the midst of the ocean, and after Quasar (the farthest object in space humans can see), locked away in pearls; is that what is lost is found in our hearts. And... Continue Reading →

The Heart Decides

The heart that chose to embrace him can exile him He who was chosen yesterday to be a king in the heart Is today in the graveyard of the past © 2013 ALIA SULTAN

But my dear, there is no point in escaping if what you are running away from resides in your heart.

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