divine comedy

Most of our miseries arise from the gap between our reality and an envisioned alternate reality. It arises from the non-acceptance of the present; a longing for something, somewhere, some perfect timing. But it never comes. The chase never ends. This gap is where we feel like we failed. The minute you lose awareness of your objectivity, your awareness of this human experience, as nothing more than just an experience, a nosedive into bottomless sand, a trap, an abyss. The minute you lose your objectivity, you lose the thrill, the heartbeat of life; the puzzle. The minute you do, you lose sight of the solution.

The artistic expression is the ultimate form of objectivity from the human experience. The narration of this experience is the courage to separate, purely, and describe it. It is not to dig deep into the feelings of this human experience, but rather, looking at it from the outside, standing above the sand to describe every grain. Understanding that happiness, just like sadness, is a passing moment, with all its intensity, it is just a passing moment. Inhale this divine comedy of misery and laughter and wait for the curtains to close, take a bow, you did your best in every moment. 

-asf, ‘with love’

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